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North Bornholm DX Group (NBDXG) is an informal group of Danish radio amateurs with residence on the Northern part of Bornholm Island (IOTA EU-030).
NBDXG is not an association or union. We have no president, no board of directors, no Articles of Association or membership fee payment. We are just an informal group of radio amateurs residing on Northern Bornholm Island and interested in DX with small means.

Our purpose is to work DX with small means, and we want to demonstrate to other radio amateurs, that it is, actually, possible to work DX with great success without spending ones lifetime savings.

A radio amateur’s home doesn’t need look like something a former coastal radio station would be envious of.

We beleive, that the radio amateur’s hobby is for anyone, including those who doesn’t have a bank account that can pay for enormous towers and full-size beams. Also not everyone has housing conditions that make it possible to have such antennas.

There’s no need to buy equipment at several thousand dollars to work DX.

Less can do it, yes MUCH less can do it!

A good used transceiver at a few hundred dollars and a simple wire or vertical antenna can do it.



DX or Local?

Though our main interest is DXing we enjoy working local or EU stations now and then. But when we specifically are calling CQ DX or CQ <country/continent>, we kindly ask you to NOT calling us unless you meet our specifications.

We do not think of Europe as DX in relation to OZ land. We know, of course, that you might need a QSO with OZ or our new prefix series 5P, 5Q, OU or OV.

Nevertheless we expect you to QRX at a time, where you meet our expectations, or we make a straight call for CQ.

The Activity

The activity will mainly come from our own individual QTHs by using our own individual radio stations, antennas, etc. From time to time we will act as a group, eg an event, fieldday activities and the like.

Privacy Policy

As North Bornholm DX Group (NBDXG) is an informal group of radioamateurs and NOT an association or union with membership and fee, there is no need for collecting personal data of any kind.

We don’t keep a record of our partipants, paper nor electronic, of any kind.

OZ9XU, Verner Webmaster.

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